Is this the fanciest external battery case for iPhone or what?

Cabin iPhone case

iPhone users have the benefit of choosing between few different battery cases, most of which look rather similar. Cabin is different and it looks like something that was designed in Cupertino rather than some other place. Said device is the slim aluminum portable battery for iPhone that attaches magnetically for an “unobtrusive and simple recharging…

HP working on a 16-inch Android tablet? Or laptop?

HP working on a 16-inch Android tablet?

A new, still unannounced Android device made by HP has been caught at GFXBench, and brought to our attention by Liliputing. We’re really puzzled what the so called HP Red will be all about and whether it will ever be made into a real product. For one thing, we see it rocking a 16-inch screen…

Unlock Your Moto X With Digital Tattoos


Tired of wasting your time unlocking your Moto X the old-fashioned way? Motorola’s got a simple solution for you, the digital tattoo. Just slap on one of the nickel sized adhesive tattoos and you’ll be able to unlock your phone simply by touching your Moto X to the tattoo. The tattoos are designed to last…

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