Chikka and fastmobile to develop Chikka Messenger

fastmobile, a mobile instant communications development company, today announced that it is teaming up with Chikka Asia Inc. to develop a downloadable, mobile-to-mobile version of the popular instant messaging (IM) application Chikka Messenger. This version will be launched with Globe Telecom, the Philippines’ largest mobile operator, as part of an integrated client being developed for Globe Telecom by fastmobile.

Chikka MessangerAlready, around 25 million customers have signed up for a PC-to-mobile Chikka Messenger service, making it one of South East Asia’s most popular IM services. This enables computer users to send IMs to mobiles, and vice versa.

The fastmobile-developed Globe Messenger service will put many of the features and functionality of the Chikka IM – PC service into the hands of Globe mobile customers with mobile handsets that incorporate the Symbian and Java operating system and are compatible with GPRS, EDGE and 3G mobile networks. Users will be able to utilize the Globe messenger application on pre-loaded and existing Nokia handsets, then seamlessly connect to the Chikka community as easily as with a PC.

fastmobile has also created similar mobile messenger clients for Yahoo!.

  • andre atun

    why is it that i cant hav an icon of chikka on my MACBOOK..everytime i hav to download na java?

  • ramesh

    πŸ’‘ how to download chikka

  • jmikel

    please let me download this chikka messenger for macintosh version 10

  • jennifer

    what site do i download chikka from? ive already created an acct but it says i need to download the application, where do i find that?

  • stephen

    u can download chikka apps on

  • jayar

    not good!!!


    Chikka is not able to send sms to india ie to reliance 8 digit , mtnl 8 digit nos and the nos of airtel starting from 9867 .If you try to send sms to airtel(mumbai) 9867…… . The reply comes that we are upgrading our services plz bear with us .

  • rod

    very very bad always has problem in the chikka messenger im ofw im always use chikka to send message to my family in philippines bad always late and im always not receive message very very very bad,,, 😈 πŸ‘Ώ

  • rod

    im really angry because lots of money wasted always family spend lots of money for send me a message but i dont have receive any 1 message ayusin nio ung kakapalan ng muka nio kinukuha nio lang ung load pero hindi nmin nababasa ung mga txt nagaaway tuloy kaming mag asawa dahil sa katarantaduhan nio…

  • Atif

    SO Stupid messenger, i downloaded it n made an account bt no msg sent anywhere in world, its look up is so 3d but its work is nill, dnt install it


    Chikka is not able to send sms to india ie to reliance 8 digit , mtnl 8 digit nos and the nos of airtel starting from 9867 .If you try to send sms to airtel(mumbai) 9867…… . The reply comes that we are upgrading our services plz bear with us .

  • Raky

    Chikka messenger is not so bad as the others say it in their comments.I’m using chikka messenger always to send a message to Phils.And they received it.However,not all the sent messages were received,but nevertheless,it’s still fine with me..

  • Stinger

    Chikka served its purpose. I have been using chikka for almost 6 years now and it is and had been working well for me. Except few years back they changed the unlimited sending to 3 or 4 messages per day per number. For 4 years wirking outside Phils., family back home did NOT miss a single message.

    by the way, there’s a work around to the limited sending……

  • rommel

    is there chikka for windows mobile 5.0?

  • ßoßßer

    chikka’s the best!it works for me! thanks to chikka and more power!

  • jhen

    im having prob using chikka in my ipaq and itouch. can anybody help me with that. many thanks!!

  • marc



    why don’t you mention the work around so we can benefit also ?


  • kerk

    pls advice if we can send chikka using a blackberry platform?

  • kerk

    can chikka be downloaded to blackberry for messaging?

  • Stinger


    i know 2 ways. though, there’s probably more, google will help.

    1. restart PC. it will reset the counter (longer process).

    2. delete the buddy, then add again or just simply send message again (quicker, but need to take note of the number).

    better than nothing……else, register multiple accounts and install different versions of chikka (myglobe, chikka, for sun, for smart, etc.)

    hope this helps.


  • jaide

    I love chikka, I been using it for many years. Can’t complain if
    sometimes my recipient don’t get the message coz it’s free.
    Maybe the traffic causes it.
    Can I download chikka in iPhone? Thanks

  • andy

    Sorry to hear from those who weren’t successful in using chikka, for me it is a great help communicating to my family, I send sms from my PC to Philippines mobile but not to any other mobile country, chikka is design for Philippines only since it is hosted by our own Globe Tel. I received the sms from Philippines so as they from me in abroad, though there are times that i cant receive and so as they but I understand that, technology is not that perfect, they are only machines program to do certain task, if human sometimes failed to do so, why can’t a machine do the same.

  • Kalboski

    Guys you should stop wasting your time with Chikka and switch to Smart’s Uzzap. You can create accounts for your loved ones as long as they have a Smart mobile number – even if their phone can’t run the Uzzap client. Uzzap identifies if the recipient is logged in to the Uzzap client and if not it delivers the message as SMS.

    To register you can use the pc client – just make sure that the SMS pin message which is sent to validate the mobile number is entered into the pc login screen for the first login.

  • dave

    ya chika is doing it great is just that chikka is evolving and learning from all the comments dont be so cruel bout that..anyway my prob is, is their a possibility that my family can send unlimited messages in my chikatext account through their fon..pls answer my question..hope i can have ur answer…thanks chikkatxt we a lot of things from u guys

  • Jhobskie

    This application, is it possible i use it to install in my iphone mobile? The model of my iphone 16GB version 3.0… I am hoping for your most convenient and early action will be highly apprexiated. Thanks!

  • Michael

    How about CHIKKA FOR IPHONE?????

  • joy

    ive been using chikka for 9 years and it works for me. i dont have any trouble using the site…thumbs up ……………………….

  • amy

    Can chikka could work on my lg g2? Coz i tried many times but it say’s OPPORTUNITY CHIKKA. STOP! So, if it’s suppose to work, what did i do wrong then?

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