Review: Ok so I tried out Blue Pulse and … I don’t get it, what’s so cool?


I like posting screenshots, and loading them on the front page of my blog kills bandwidth. I’ll give you one sneak peak here, but for my sake, just click on continue reading below. Now if you got a direct link to this page, then this doesn’t concern you at all. Enjoy this review/rant

Ok let us begin. When you first open up the application this is the boot screen:


Not very exciting, but it gets better. You’re given the option to sign in as an existing user or create a new account. Since this is my first time testing this out, I’ll sign up:


Yes I posted my user name, feel free to add me! I would love to talk to more of my readers. As if the emails and comments weren’t enough ::grin::


Now they ask you for some personal information in case you ever need to reset your password. All they want is your email and phone number:


See that little rectangle in the corner? I’m assuming that’s where a button is supposed to be. I just hit options and it reveals all my choices. Not going to post such a boring screenshot, but here is the home screen! I already have mail!


Who can it be, who can it be! Paris Hilton? Free Viagra? Nope, just Ben welcoming me to the network. How nice.


Let’s check out the chatrooms … what’s this? Cyber sex! Oh joy!


"My Place" = MySpace; I’m not going to enter in any information just yet, but here is what it looks like anyway:


My widgets:


Nice set of defaults, but let me see what other ones are available:







That’s a lot of bloody widgets! Now onto webcams … what can these be?


Ohhh Paris, I love France. You can take your freedom fries and throw them in the garbage! I’ll take my fine wine and cheese thank you very much.


Great so now I can check my mobile phone every 15 minutes to see if this monument is still up! Maybe I should just make it my wallpaper, the memory will last longer. Ok enough hate, what about Dave Winer’s black tar heroine for internet users: RSS


I’m a technofreak, let’s see what default feeds they have under Technology:


Very impressive! Any more?


And now for gypsy news:


Adding an email address is as easy as selecting your provider and entering in your logon info. Too bad I already have the wonder official Gmail app that Google built. Sorry buddy, you’re not getting installed


Ok let me see how the IM client works


Great! Here in America all my friends use AIM. I have a total of maybe 3 buddies combined on Yahoo and MSN. Now in the international market this might be amazing since Europe is dominated by MSN and Asia + Middle East go gaga over Yahoo. Here is the wonderful about screen. I see they’re up to version 2.0 … no beta … congratulations for not being a Web 2.0 company! Wait a minute … no business model; you had me going there for a sec.


And you know I couldn’t resist this, I needed my cyber sex fix!


Ok now here is the rant. Opera Mini 3.0 is perhaps the most kick ass mobile application … period. It can access MySpace perfectly; hell it can access any website perfectly. That’s what so beautiful about it. It makes the mobile experience for lack of a better word, perfect. Opera Mini has an RSS reader too! Now as for widgets … I really love checking the weather every hour, don’t you?

Sorry to be harsh, but this is not what I was expecting when I read this on Tech Crunch or on Mobile Crunch. I was expecting something magical and interesting. Why would I use your application to send messages to my friends? To save on money on text messaging right! Do you know how much mobile internet costs a month? That money saved is cancelled out immediately.

So please, can someone tell me, why is this a kick ass product? I would much rather install Opera Mini on my friend’s phones then this. We already text message each other … we all have MySpace’s and FaceBooks. Why should we join yet another social network? You know that’s a fantastic idea, someone call the guys who own MySpace and FaceBook and tell them to make a mobile phone application that already has a large community behind it!

Take this advice from someone who is actually 20 years old and applications like this are built for my generation. All my friends have mobile phones, yet I can count the number of people I know who have mobile internet enabled cells on one hand.

  • Tommi Vilkamo

    > So please, can someone tell me, why is this a kick ass product?

    I think it’s targeted for those who don’t own a smartphone. For people like you, it’s probably nothing special.

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    See I’m all about the social networking sites, and I do use MySpace and FaceBook on my smart phone. I know a hand few of people who also use these services on their mobile phones too. Still can’t tell why this product would kick butt.

    I guess since I’m at a University I can’t accurately gage things, I mean in every building there are at least 20 terminals on the first floor where people can just go and poke around on the net while waiting for class. Lots of laptop owners as well.

  • Alan

    Hey Stefan, you win the award for most bluepulse screendumps in a blog post. Send me a postal address and we’ll send you a bluepulse tee – it’s the only schwag we’ve got right now (and we have only handful left after our xmas party.)

    Thanks for your feedback. You’re right, you’re exactly the kind of user we’re hoping to attract, except that you’ve got a smartphone and are more tech savvy than average.

    Because of that, you’re happy to switch between multiple apps to do IM, browsing, social networking, etc. Lots of the people we speak to would like all that wrapped up in one app (as bluepulse does) and people who don’t have a smartphone don’t have a good way to do social networking or IM at all.

    You’re right, mobile internet charges are pretty steep in the US right now, but they’re cheaper in the rest of the world, and they’re coming down fast everywhere, including the US. Expect all-you-can eat plans at reasonable prices pretty soon, at which point, this gets much cheaper than SMS. And because you can easily group message all your friends, it’s already faster and easier. And because bluepulse works on almost all phones, on almost any carrier, it’s the platform you’re most likely to be able to reach all your friends on (most social networks expect you all to join a particular carrier – `sif!)

    I think you might miss the point with the bluepulse widgets: if there’s nothing there of use to you, build your own. Bluepulse widgets have an open and free API that you can use to do some wild stuff. Just because what you’d consider wild hasn’t been built yet, doesn’t mean it can’t be built – the API is still so new. And if you can build a website, you can build a Bluepulse widget – you don’t need any of the expensive, exotic development environment you’d need to build your own Symbian or J2ME app in. Lots of our widget developers are young hobbyists, trying shit out. Go join em, mebbe?

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