Applications exclusive to UK mobile carrier “3” have been leaked, try them out for yourself!

3 is a mobile carrier in the UK that is very special. They offer Skype, sling box, and a few other applications exclusively for their mobiles.

The internet is beautiful, someone copied these applications off their phone and shared them with the rest of us! Here is all the information I have:

X-series (3 UK) applications for Symbian OS9.1 (not just N73)

Skype, Mobilcast, SlingPlayerMobile, Yahoo GO!, 3MobileMail

0-day release


Is this illegal … maybe, I’ll take them down if asked. Until then however enjoy! I warn you: some of these applications may not work properly on your device. I have a Nokia E61 running the latest firmware and I couldn’t get anything to work properly. However I did manage a few screenshots 😉

Here they all are, installed:


Skype crashes after I hit continue, but seeing this brought a tear to my eye:


Slingbox looks horribly disfigured, and I mean horribly, here is the about screen:


3 Mobile Mail needs to be activated with a 3 account which … I don’t have:


Last we have Yahoo GO! Which doesn’t want to GO on my E61:


I couldn’t get Mobilecast to install so no screenshots on that one.

For those of you brave enough to try these application out, and I remind you most of them have been designed for a Nokia N73, then grab the RAR file! (enter in the number they show you, hit submit, wait 30 seconds, and you’re golden! I would host the file myself but I have bandwidth limits I need to maintain)

I can’t thank Darla enough for telling me about this release, you little pirate you, anyway she tells me she is going to run by all these applications on her Nokia N73 and post a review so keep an eye out on her blog. As for me, better luck next time I guess.

  • Artin

    thanks for this! i shall try it on my nokia n73!

    i am from australia and with “3” network so maybe i can try the mobile mail.

    thanks again!


  • Artin

    i installed everything, it all works great 😀

    nokia n73 australia “3” network


  • sam gonzales

    wow nice find!! merry xmas to me..merry xmas to me…well all of us.. i tried skype and sling.. skype crashes like it did w\ your firmware.. slingplayer seems to work.. i still need to enter the settings but im not home so i will this week

  • geek

    I encountered the same crash you did with Skype on E60.

  • sam gonzales

    i setup slingplayer w\ my settings but i get an error message when i try to start watching – it doest even ask for an AP..
    “current network conditions do not meet audio/video streaming requirements. please try again later”
    too bad 🙁

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    I seriously want to thank everyone who tried these applications out and reported the results.

    Thank you!

  • Bob

    Its great to see the Skype logo on a Nokia E61 but I would love to be able to click that Continue button successfully!

  • dm

    Skype on E70: only logo then quits.
    Slingplayer: installs okay, now i just need a slingbox to test.

  • Justin

    I am on T-moble and they say, “current network conditions do not meet audio/video streaming requirements. Please try again later.

    — USA T-Moble customer.

    Any ideas?

    Send to

  • Carsten Rose Lundberg

    Seems as if the files have been removed or expired on – anybody care to re-upload please 🙂

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