Nokia and Engin bring VoIP calls in Australia with Nokia’s N80i

Nokia and Engin promise that “making Internet phone calls with the Nokia N80 Internet Edition is as easy as making a traditional phone call”, with Ilkka Tales, CEO of Engin saying that: “People are increasingly using Internet Telephony to dramatically reduce the cost of their home and business phone bills. Now we can offer them the same savings breakthrough on their mobile phone”.

Tales continues: “Already more than one in four people are regularly using their mobile devices to access the Internet, which shows that the mass market is recognising the value of convergent devices. With the Nokia N80 Internet Edition, you can seamlessly blend together surfing the web and making cost-efficient Internet calls”.

Wanting to promote the cost benefits that VoIP offers, Tales continues that: “With the proliferation of WiFi hot spots in the home, office and public areas, people can use the Nokia N80 to make calls, no matter where they are, over the Engin network at our low cost call rates. You can literally be in a public space, connected to a WiFi hotspot and make 10 cent untimed calls to landlines around Australia, and 20 cent untimed calls to 20 countries around the world.

Source: iTWire

Via: VoIP Watch

I’m a technical person. I’ve played around with VoIP on my E61 using Truphone, and it really is quite easy. However this is something that needs to be done automatically with zero user intervention. How nice would it be if the phone knew your present location (GPS), it then turns on its WiFi radio and connects to a known access point for that area, then you’re in insta-cheap-call mode?

  • JaXX

    Actually using my e61… no real need for a GPS to make it switch on automatically at known places…

    Since they fixed the Power Saving mode with FW3

    I have several SIP connections under one profile (One per known location, home and work for instance), which are set on “Always On” … using the wifi presence system it automatically connects to my SIP provider. So when people call at home, I get the call even when I’m at the office.
    (my SIP provider is my ADSL ISP (called “Free”) which provides a SIP server to access the phone part of their triple-play offer, accessible from anywhere on earth, If you see what I mean :-) )

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    durrr why didn’t I think of that!

    good one JaXX, nice you have an ISP who accepts new technology, instead of using packet shaping to deter you from trying out VoIP.

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    What country are you in?! 24 meg internet!

  • JaXX

    France :-)

    They permit you as much as your line can support:

    ADSL2+ is up to nearly 24Mbps of usable datarate (a bit more counting the ATM headers)… of course, this is possible when very close to the phone central.
    My line is 648 meters long (0.4mm thin wire) which gives 9dB of theoretical signal loss (always more in reality because of in phone-central wiring and dispatch boxes on the path, 15dB downwards, 9dB upwards, upwards is less affected because of the lower frequency) , nearly maximal data rate in my case.: right now: my Modem can sync up to 26785 kbs down / 1351 kbs up (ATM speed, take about 10% off for usable rate)

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