Nokia 6300 demand in the UK is off the charts

Mobile Today:

Nokia UK MD Simon Ainslie flew to Nokia’s HQ in Finland this week in a bid to secure more stock of the 6300 for the UK.

Dealers are reporting brisk sales and shortages on some networks as the keenly priced phone hits stores.

The 6300 is the latest handset to be credited as a worthy replacement for the 6310i, the handset thousands of business people refuse to part with, but may be making a more convincing case than its predecessors.

A Nokia spokesman said: ‘We’ve shipped everything that’s been ordered. There are people waiting for additional product.’

I can obviously see why. That phone is just about the perfect midrange device for everyone.

Even I want one!

  • kristina

    😛 does the nokia 6300 sell at metro pcs??
    and if so howe much does it cost??

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