Ideas how to cancel your current service plan and grab the iPhone once available

Steve Jobs holding the iPhoneBefore I begin, I would like to emphasize that I personally have nothing against any carrier. The ideas posted here are taken from USAToday’s article titled “Cellphone users set their sights on Apple’s iPhone”. Let’s begin:

Swap your plan with other person
It is possible to trade the remainder of your contract with someone else. Several new websites offer matchmaking services for folks to dump and receive contracts. The sites include, and

Cite specific problems
Spotty coverage in a key place in your life? Put it in writing, then contact the carrier and say how unsatisfied with the service you are. A carrier’s representative will most certainly be persuasive and will argue with you, but you should argue back and win your way out.

Watch for changes in your contract
Just recently, Verizon raised prices for text messaging. Such changes are usually followed by the legal notice which you could use to justify your exit. Again, they will argue with you, but they have to let you go.

It is suggested that interested users visit Consumerist website, where they can get more information about it.

  • Marc Cohen

    I used a couple of months back to get out of my Verizon Wireless contract with success. I plan on using celltrade again when the i-phone comes out…

    I`m a celltradeusa fan for life 🙂

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