Sidekick Lite To Be Called Sidekick ID

Apparently there are a good number of you out there thinking that the Sidekick platform, now in its third evolution, is a bit to ladden with features and gadgets that you don’t need/want. To address this need, T-mobile will be rolling out a new “lite” version of the Sidekick 3, dubbed the Sidekick ID. Slated for a Q2 release in the US, the SK ID will likely be sold at price point of around $150. So what does this diet makeover mean for the Sidekick? No more frills like bluetooth or camera or mp3 player. The SK ID will be going back to the basics – an IM client with compatibility for AIM, Yahoo!, and MSN services, an email client, web browser, and the phone. The venerable keypad will be the same, but other navigation aspects are still up in the air (like the directional pad).

Via: CrunchGear

  • nick gottfred

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  • Kin

    How can I unlock my Sidekick ID? Please help me out or show me some cheap unlock codes I can purchase! I have been everywhere and no one will help me out.

  • Eduardo

    i need your help i have one sharp sidekick pv210 t movile how unlocked free please

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