Apple Ripped Off Their 2007 Oscar’s iPhone Commercial

apple iphone home screen in handMost of us remember the seemingly original and innovative 2007 Academy Award Show commercial for the iPhone. It featured a montage of clips of actors answering a phone with the famous Apple slogan, “hello.” Apparently, Apple stole the idea from the 1995 film “Telephones,” by Christian Marclay.

So, according to Marclay, Apple “approached us [about using Telephones] and I said no, and then they just went ahead. The way they dealt with the whole thing is pretty sleazy.”

After watching the scene from Marclay’s movie, “sleazy” sounds quite appropriate in describing Apple’s actions. Check out the two video clips for yourself!

Apple’s iPhone commercial from the 2007 Academy Awards Show

Scene from Marclay’s 1995 movie, “Telephones”

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