Text Message Based Mobile Banking For North America! – Canada

ClairMail logoCanada has really been getting all the goodies recently! This time, that other North American country will be getting software-free, text-based mobile banking – another first for the continent. Telus, a leading telecom in the land of the maple leaf, is hooking up with Novato, California-based ClairMail for some mobile-banking bliss.

Mobile banking recently broke ground on US soil, but it’s a half-baked application, at best. Cingular and FireThorn are teaming up for a stumbling attempt at software-based mobile bank account management. Visa and VeriSign seem to have more of a clue as they set off to bring a text-based payment system to the Yankee masses. But, both offerings fail to live up to the promise of true wireless banking.

Cingular and Visa are getting a serious shoulder check from the north, as ClairMail and Telus bring software-free integration “with a financial institution’s back-end systems” – giving Canadians wireless access to their bank accounts as well text-based payments.

ClairMail’s head honcho, Joseph Salesky, brags that only his company can offer mobile banking and payment solutions on any device, on any wireless carrier, that is text-enabled and has email and web-browsing capability. And, to rub our collective nose in it, ClairMail serves up their delicious recipe of wireless account management and payment “with no new software required.”

So, Canadians on Telus’ network can celebrate the fact that, once again, they have managed to one-up the US’s pathetic wireless industry. Go and spend a few text-messaged Looneys on a bowl of poutine you lucky Canadians you.

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