Kyocera Develops Near Field Communications (NFC) Technology

Kyocera NFC tech and Visa mobileNear Field Communications (NFC) technology has really been getting some push from developers recently. The new Bluetooth 2.1 EDR protocol made some provisions for NFC technology to make pairing your Bluetooth 2.1 devices as easy as bringing the two together. Now Kyocera is developing this tech to free us of our wallets. Kyocera showcased their NFC tech with the Visa mobile platform – giving you wallet-free purchasing power with the not-so-proverbial wave of the hand. Bringing the phone close to a ‘payment slot’ automatically debits or charges your account, completing the transaction.

But what happens when you lose track of your mobile phone (or, more seriously, have it stolen)? When you lose your wallet, you can just call your financial institutions and report the lose. But what if the wallet is now also your phone? You not only have no way to pay for the bus ride home, but you also have no way to call up your bank to prevent fraudulent charges. We’re going to let this tech go through some field testing before we jump on board.


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