Virgin Mobile adds Kyocera MARBL to its offering

MARBL by KyoceraVirgin Mobile announced the availability of a new cell phone to its customers in the US. The Kyocera MARBL is the carrier’s low-cost, low-end – yet sleek and stylish clamshell device, that boasts a color display, a two-way speakerphone, and rounded keys for easy texting.

The new device weighs less than 3 ounces, measures .8 inches, and is already available for a retail price of $29.99 (that’s without any contract) at Virgin Mobile’s more than 35,000 retail locations nationwide.

  • Mallorie

    I love this phone! It has such great features for a low price! I recommend this phone to everyone! :mrgreen:

  • Dave

    Im torn, why would you chose this phone over the Slice?

    just the price?

  • larr

    😥 i dont get very service and very disapointed

  • Jesse

    My first cell phone was in 2001. We got it used off of eBay. It was a better phone than the Kyocera Marbl. I want to tell myself that you get what you pay for, but it is still too expensive. The back/delete button on the phone stopped working after about two weeks without having dropped it or anything.

    It also doesn’t keep up with my text messaging speed… It will lag behind my typing and sometimes when it reaches the end of the first line, it will go back into some part of the text message I already typed and start typing where it shouldn’t be. If I get too far ahead of the phone while typing the text message, which means about 30+ characters ahead (yes, the lag is that bad), it will not even keep track of which keys I hit anymore and just start entering random characters. It will come out like this: “Hello Bob, I have just been working a whole lot and haven’t had time to reply to your messages. Why don’t you call Betty and afh fjagh afdjo fhiagy gh hgki ghis”

    Also, the RAM of the phone is tied in to the memory of it… Meaning, the more text messages you have, the more recent calls, and the more contacts you have saved, the slower the phone goes. It lags when switching menus, going through contacts, sending calls, receiving calls, and especially texting. I once had 80 or so saved text messages and when I went to type a text message, the phone would only manage to type about one character every three seconds.

    I’ve never experienced such a poorly made phone in my life. It will probably do it’s job fine if all you are using it for is making calls… But beyond that, it’s worth the time/money to buy a bit better phone.

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