Cell Phones Are Dangerous…To Bees!

Cell phone radiation my be dangerous for bees and their navigation systems - CCDThose waves of radiation emitting from your cell phone have been linked to everything from cancer and brain cell death to infertility. Now, a new (and controversial, as these things go) report links cell phone radiation to crop failure – as a result of the “radiation from mobile phones…interfering with bees’ navigation systems.” The effect of the bees’ subsequent inability to go about their happy pollinating ways has been theorized to be the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder, or CCD.

CCD occurs when the bee colony suddenly up and disappears, leaving just the Queen and some eggs and immature workers in the hive. The mass exodus may be linked to cell phone radiation causing the bees to loss their way and die far from the hive. Without a bee hive, crops that depend on pollination are left barren and unable to carry on. Huge crop die-offs could be a real threat to human existence, so it’s kinda scary.

The US has seen 60-70% of its bee population disappear as of last Autumn. Even England, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece have reported mysterious abandonments of bee hives.

But fear not (yet, at least), the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in the UK has insisted that there is no evidence of CCD. It’s almost impossible to nail down the effects of cell phone use, so take that with a grain of salt. And, just to be safe, try to limit your cell phone blabbing until we know, for sure, what the dangers are.

Via: theindependant

  • kathy

    Before this article came out, there was article “Honey Bee Disappearance May be Linked to Pesticide” June 29, 2007 in Consumeraffairs. com . You will also find Resnicks of paramount farms sued local bees for getting into their crops. They also own Suttera that makes the pheromone that is released in tiny micro plastic capsules. Pheromones being tested for about 10 years. Bees hives also down for that time. California suddenly sprayed with the capusles filled with pesticide. Finding that the bees are mistaking the tiny micro capsules for pollen and taking then back to their hives. How to get people away from this – maybe blaming it on the cell phones. Too much pesticide – also reporting shown water has prescriptions and pesticides in them. So, don’t let your cell phones take the heat for this one.

  • Randy

    Just blame it on the cell phones. Well my iPhone doesn’t kill bees. Just to let you know. I wont eat animal products. I don’t need all those hormones and such from them. Removing animal products from your life is the biggest thing the average person can do for the environment. The only reason meat is so cheap is because the government subsidies it so much. They subsidise the corn to make it cheap. Thats why they made ethanol from corn, not because it was profitable, but because the government paid for most of it and made it profitable.

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