O2 Asia to offer free Windows Mobile 6 upgrades Xda Atom Life users

O2 Xda Atom LifeO2 Asia has recently announced its first Windows Mobile 6 upgrade that targets the users of the O2 Xda Atom Life Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Phone Edition. The free upgrades will start from May 12 and will be available either as a download for a self-upgrade or by getting it from one of O2 Asia’s service centers.

O2 Asia also announced that all Xda Atom Life sold in stores from June onwards will be preloaded with Windows Mobile 6. However, there were no official word on Windows Mobile upgrades for other other handhelds like the Zinc and Graphite. (via: the:unwired)

  • pdadoc

    where is the upgrade???? I dont see u yet??? are we being fed bs?

  • Mdisa

    Where to get the free upgrade from?

  • Sandy

    Where could I download the win mob 6 for atom life….

  • ovais ahmed

    how i can get update win mob 6 for xda denuim (helen)

  • Sam

    how to install of Chinese star?

  • johanna zozobrado

    hi, wher cn i upgrade my O2 Atom to windows mobile 6? tnx

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