Teltonika 3G USB – Plug in your SIM card and get 3G on MAC or PC

teltonika 3g usb modem takes any SIM card and works on os x mac and pc windowsWouldn’t it be nice if all you had to do was take the SIM card in your 3G phone and use it to get tether-free, high-speed wireless data on your PC or MAC laptop? Sure it would, and Teltonika thinks so too. Those lucky blokes across the pond really have it good. The Teltonika 3G USB modem takes any 3G SIM card and serves up 1.8Mbps of wireless data, without any device-tethering hassle (for Windows and OS X). Of course, those of us outside the UK (read: in the USA) will have to settle for the pitling offerings from Sprint, Verizon, and Cingular. Still, if you really gotta get your hands on this nifty USB modem, pick one up for about £165.00.

via: bgr

  • hemant

    dear sir/mem

    i'm from india. sir/mem how can i purches that one product?and what is the price of this product?plese reply me very sooner

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