Sidekick to get a GPS

With that many location aware handsets available today, it doesn’t surprises that the maker of the popular Sidekick handsets wants to add some GPS to its flagship device. A job posting at Danger indicates that they are on the task — “Formalize the Java Native Interface and glue layer for binding the BT serial support as a GPS provider of data.” It seems that initially they want to pair Sidekick with a Bluetooth GPS receiver. But, we all know it’s always the first step… (via: BGR) 😀

Sidekick with GPS

  • schneider

    will the sidekick LX OTA update allow sidekick users to view videos from websites such as youtube. or google

  • ps3focker

    Nope. Only videos u record receive or get from others.

  • ahsna

    U think rtsp video streaming will be updated?

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