Mousing around with Windows Mobile – Use your Bluetooth Mouse on Windows Mobile Smartphones

Teksoftco BlueMouse software will pair your Windows mobile smartphone with a Bluetooth mouseEver wanted to use your Bluetooth mouse with your Bluetooth-enabled Windows Mobile smartphone? Well, Teksoftco has you covered. Their new BlueMouse software will allow you to pair your Bluetooth Mouse with your WinMo device and mouse away to your hearts content! BlueMouse will not support the Widcomm Bluetooth Stack (found on some Asus models), and there is no clear mention of supported WinMo versions – but we can tell you that Windows Mobile Pocket PC will work just fine. If using your Bluetooth mouse on your WinMo device is worth $20 bucks to you, head on over to Teksoftco!

via: bluetoothsource

  • William

    There is other way feature – use your Symbian phone as bluetooth mouse for your PC.

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