Qualcomm’s 3G chips banned from US import – Wireless carriers affected!

ITC rules in favor of Broadcom - bans import of 3G chips by QualcommThe latest Intellectual Patent battle, this time between Qualcomm (who else?) and Broadcom, has resulted in the International Trade Commission (ITC) decision to ban Qualcomm from importing chipsets designed for use in 3G handsets into the US. The ruling follows a complaint, filed by Broadcom, that Qualcomm’s chip design was infringing on Broadcom’s IP in regards to the high-end chipsets. This ban will affect a range of wireless carriers and handset manufacturers – Verizon, AT&T, Sprint Nextel, Motorola, Samsung, LG, and Kyocera Wireless.

While the ruling allows for the continued sale of handsets that have already been manufactured with the Qualcomm chips, no new handset will be admitted within US borders. However, the ITC’s decision can still be overturned, or modified, by the President. Qualcomm and Verizon have already announced that they will ask the George W. Bush to overturn the ruling, and will ask federal courts to issue a stay until the President can look into this debacle.

We can’t say that we feel sorry for Qualcomm – the word “karma” comes to mind. Qualcomm has been relentlessly pursuing Nokia over the past few months, and now the US chipmaker seems to be getting their “just desserts.” It’s really too bad that the playground-feuding between these tech firms has now affected the innocent consumer.

We’re just happy that the 3G-less Apple iPhone launch won’t be affected by this new ruling.

via: yahoonews

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