Nokia N98 concept photo (more like fantasic Photoshop job)

Props to the guy who made this image. It is crisp, clean and looks like something that Nokia would actually work on internally.

Click here for the complete high resolution photograph, with hilarious specifications:

– 7.2 mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens
– optical zoom x5 and digital zoom x20
– 3.5 inch VGA 16 million color touch screen
Symbian S70 3rd edition
– graphics accelerator
bluetooth/WIFI b+g+n/HSDPA

[Via: Just Another Mobile Phone Blog]

Crop below:


  • Poom

    Hey, Stefan. Nice seeing you blogging full time.

    I LOVE this Photoshop job. This would be the best looking N series device ever if Nokia really considers it, which I hope it would.

    If this has the same form factor and sound quality as the N95 without the crappy battery, I’m soooo gonna buy it.

    Sigh… It doesn’t seem possible though.

  • Poom

    Oh, btw, I’m PlayerKill.

  • Martin

    Can see the switch from RingNokia wasnt that bad. Keep it up. If only Nokia could follow through with this.
    Oops the Chinese clone of n95,the NOKLA has an awesome batt. Nokia doin anything abt there’s?

  • steve

    iPhone. vs the world. – With a $600+ iPhone price tag, other foreign phones with an expandable memory card slot, 3G, HSCSD and 3+ mp cameras should get a better chance of sales. They arent just a more affordable or practical buy, these world phones have the option to be purchased unlocked for the use with any provider. something apple will never allow and something users may be forced to consider …. the bottom line is “although this product is so easy to use. it isnt worth the big $$$. oh, BY THE WAY doesnt the majority of every.. no doesnt everyone already have a IPOD AND A PHONE ALREADY?

  • jarmal

    i really looking forward to buy this fun when it realese but i hope the battery life will be much better for a phone like this nokia runs the show although sonyericsson giving them competition.

  • muju

    😐 😳

  • gerah

    when will nokia n98 be available?

  • Kleyton

    Just Love it!!!

  • mokh

    this is really so stupid,i dunno who would believe this is not a photoshop made phone…
    this is the nokia 8600 luna, just with some modifications, but if u compare the 2 phones,u will find out that they are the same, the same middle speaker,the same buttons but with the 2 menu buttons cut, and the same white line, the same slide cut at the 2 sides…
    this is really so stupid!!!

  • deep

    what is the price of n98 and when it will be available

  • say

    hi to nokia. When this one come up. Or just dream only. I will select it if it true.

  • james

    what about its cost? It sounds rather good.A challenge for iphone.

  • tejasvi

    😉 ❗

  • Prashant Awate

    too good ,
    prise bhi batao bhai !!!

  • Priya

    The Photo seems to be good but price and release date matters. I am planning to buy Iphone shortly, if this phone is in market , i can think over it.

  • Sina

    when will nokia n98 be available? 😕

  • Malte Lewan

    What! No WiFi A?

  • saif

    khub valo.amar bolar bhasha nai.

  • Darla

    …7.2 mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens
    optical zoom x5 and digital zoom x20…
    i dont understand its phone or camera? 🙂

  • abhishek kyal

    this is a cool phone with heavely loaded multimedia features and a super 7.2 megapixel camera is amazing with huge touch screen

  • Zahir

    this sounds realy a real phone with 7.2 MG pixel its realy awsome but what will be the price its ??????????????
    😆 we r looking forward 4 its release .Dont wait the chinese version already released u can have it nowww if u realy wanna have it

  • Gillian

    no wifi >”

  • Nitesh

    can anyone has sum idea of launching date of nokia n98
    . i m really awaited for n98

  • phucdzi

    I like it! 😆 I don’t know, how much? 😳

  • no body

    😈 KIRAM dahane harkasi ke in gooshio begire bejoz man va hameye IRANI ha!!!! 😈 😆

  • khomeini kooni

    Kiram dahane toye madar ghahbe ke miyay to harja mesle nanaye harjaeet koso sher migi.
    Akhe kir to dahan, iran o che be technology kos khor!

  • bharatha

    😮 😆 it is good phone

  • Shut ur mouth

    :mrgreen: U can get it from korea, seoul. Nokia n98 already launched last wednesday. Hehe

  • Paramveer

    i like it very much i will surely buy this phone

  • presto

    i have this phone already, it is sooo cool

  • Fatima

    Hi, i just want to know how much is this cellphone???

  • Vattana

    Hi, nice cellphone i love it very much and i also want to know the exact prise for this cellphone. How much is it????????

  • skyline100

    i realy love it,this phone make iPhone sucks…
    7.2mp,5x optical zoom,640*480 video record,apple cant even record a video!

  • Imran Ali

    hey a nice cellphone.looking for its price and launch in PAKISTAN.I m very crazy about it.


    just to know when N 98 will come in the market.the picture i can see on the internet. is it the real one ?and the specifications.if all are the real then its a good mobil should be with 20 GB memory.
    hopefully i will get it soon.

  • Raidium

    People, This phone isn’t real. Well with these specs anyway. If you can read then you will know this is a fake. Please read the text next time, k?

  • aqsa

    can any1 pls temme da price of new nokia n98 m having n95 n waiting for n98

  • karya

    i like this

  • Malte Lewan

    I suspect that this insane thread about a non-existing phone (not even existing internally on Nokia) can go on forever. And I get e-mail notices all the time. How do I get out of here?

  • Kamesam Tenneti

    I want Nokia n98 . Please enlighten me with all details.

  • abhishekkyal

    just wating for it in my hand………………………………………………………………….

  • ezuna016

    ulol cnungaling!!!

  • kelvin

    so nice

  • Mathew

    This phone is just a photoshopped picture.. but this phone can be possible as sony ericsson released an 8MP phone already.. Nokia is also working on their touch operating system so i wouldnt be surprised if a touch screen nokia mobile comes into play any time soon..

  • N98

    Devices Nokia N98 are on sale! From Finland the original the international guarantee! For questions address

  • alex

    isnt this the phone that was used in The Dark Knight movie by Morgan Freeman while he was in china….i could be wrong but looks alot like it

  • Bob

    What’s better?
    A Nokia N98 or a Nokia N96?

  • Bob

    Nokia N98 definitely going to happen!!!

  • Aik

    Nokia N98 is THE BEST mobile phone i have ever seen!!!!!!!

  • Aik

    With its 7.2 mp CAMERA especially !!!!!!!!

  • Sudip Mondal

    what is the price of the nokia n98(photo given above)?

  • harina

    most people say nokia n98 is photoshopped picture n some say this will be avaliable soon.

    im very confused xo

  • maseeh

    it looks cool but cant say about the features present in it….when is it launching?and what is it’s prise?


    Now in the world of many 8 mega pixel fones struggling, Nokia is going to release 7.1 mp, its good, i believe that this fone will be the best of all other 8 mp fones rather, as some thing or other is missing in them, ex: say in samsung Innov8, its 8 mp really a good fone wiht excellent camera and 16 GB of memory, but it is like our 1960 hunter airplanes, hahaa, it doesnt have a Xenon flash,, so taking fotos at night/poor light is immposible, and also no TV receiver, so finally i can say “The King is on the Move – Nokia N98”, when the sun rises, all other stars fade away

  • iron

    this is just a dream! like the asus aura “iphone killer”

  • HacKer

    ummm i don`t like this phone so much!! my nokia 1100 is more cute than this one :S
    😀 😀

  • bajra

    my dream is nokia n98, so i am weating….

  • Mike

    Great post, thanks for the info… last part makes the most sense though

  • Natty

    I like it!!! its verry nice…… =)

  • Randi ko puti

    Tum madarchaut ko is phn ki padhi hai . Meri baat mano ek n70 kharido gharjao aur apni patni ka kapde utar kar use nanga karo uske bad apne kapde kholo aur bibi ko apna ling uska mu me thos do aur patni ka yoni par apna penis ghusao ye sab n70 me record karo aur blue film banadalo aur paise aayenge toh phir n98 kharidna

  • Sumit chawla

    So, nice phone. Just waiting for it in my hands.

  • corey phillips

    Where did you get the phone and did it look like the pic and have all the specs

  • billybobjones

    Yo, i fink ur fab photoshop job just became reality. Idiot.

  • john bibby

    ive sold at least 200 already, getting new ones in next week

  • CLV

    Nokia N98 is just imaginary. Nokia might be considering it as the next model to be released in the market but this is all imaginary for now. Nokia N97 has just been released in the UK last June remember. That is a nice photoshop creation though. Try sending it to Nokia for the to start considering your concept dude.

  • mohamad

    it is a fuckin nice phone i loved it

  • G Kamish

    I’ve got a Nokia N98+ mobile phone recently bought in Singapore. Is it really on the market or another fake Asian product using Nokia brand?

    Please, I need a feed back. Over to you.

  • ayad

    i feel like im with every budy in the world

  • marlon

    loving it nokia u all should bring out that phone and beat iphone 3gs……. word nokia all the way : )

  • jhonly joshua

    when i saw the specs i said “great” i like optical zoom, and its all specs is great……

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