Mastercard PayPass trials new mobile Tap N Go system in NYC

Mastercard Tap N Go system allows mobile phones to pay at PayPass locations with their handsetsMastercard is rolling out their trial of a new “Tap N Go” mobile payment system through their Mastercard PayPass infrastructure in New York City. The “Tap N Go” system utilizes NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled phones that Mastercard arrogantly calls “PayPass-enabled” phones. The technology is only fitted to a handful of handsets so we can’t imagine that the trial will be widely popular. Still, this is definitely a step in the right direction. We’ve been wuite envious of Asia and their eWallet capable mobile phones – now we get some “Tap N Go” action of our very own.

The system works just like Mastercard’s PayPass system, but instead of swiping your PayPass at participating locations, you will tap your mobile phone to PayPass module. Payment processing is handled in the same way and a payment confirmation is sent to the handset immediately after a purchase is made. And, being Mastercard, they offer zero liability on fraudulent charges.

If you’re in NYC and happen to have a “PayPass-enabled” NFC-enabled phone, check out this new service and let us know what you think!

Find more info here.

  • N. S.

    This is OLD news. Did you see the dates of the trial? It ended April 30! It was a great trial though. I know!

  • Jaymanma

    I think this is great that mastercad has a faster way to make payment. It helps me to get in and out faster.

  • Zak

    I can’t wait until in the future, I’ll only need to carry my cellphone and nothing else

  • holy-terrorist

    *=* héhéy *=*
    les credit paypass peut etre aussi wi-fi
    c’est idiot ça, un hacker avec un wi-fi artisanal peut
    meme voler vos credit, *=* AGNA *=*
    blabla (Chase Paymentech)(PaymenTech) (VivaTech)
    (PayPass) sauvegarder en centre general du hacker

  • Mike M

    Try having someone else proofread your work prior to submitting.
    To call the phone NFC enabled is somewhat of a misnomer- you can only pass magstripe data through the RF interface on the phone. If you start to promote this as NFC enabled- people will be looking for posters and anything else they could possibly tap their phones to- this is why I believe it to be sufficient to call it simply PayPass enabled.
    If this can save the MTA money- then by all means- full steam ahead!

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