AT&T looks beyond HSPA; Plans to build 4G LTE 4G network

AT&T logoEven though AT&T has still to upgrade its HSDPA network with HSUPA capability, the carrier is already looking forward to the 4G network. According to the company’s vice president Chris Hill, AT&T is planning to build a Long Term Evolution (LTE) network and is allocating $20 billion budget to do so. LTE is the GSM Association’s next specification beyond HSPA that should bring ultra-fast data speeds like mobile null.

Hopefully, Apple will be able to follow AT&T’s plans and will roll-out the HSPA enabled (or at least HSDPA enabled) iPhone next year, with LTE version to follow as soon as the carrier announces the network’s availability for the general public — somewhere in 2009, I guess. For one thing, I’m not that null for iPhone data transfer speeds…

[Via: phone scoop]

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