Made in Finland versus Made by Nokia: Does it make a difference?


The Nokia N95 is currently produced in two parts of the world: Finland and Hong Kong. People on Howard Forums have been arguing over which version is the best since the dawn of time. The Asian model (right) includes a screen protector and case, while the Finnish model (left) has a software glitch that disables a very common S60 hotkey yet the build quality is superior.

Every Nokia device I’ve ever owned has been from Finland, I can’t comment about this Hong Kong affair, but as a consumer I can understand why MiVADiKA forum members are so obsessive. Care to join their discussion?

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  • mike

    need drivers for made by nokia version can’ t find them anywhere please help



  • Chris

    my n95 8gb is made in Finland, and my friend got one is made in China.the one i got i feel much nice and the one he got very loose.

  • Priscilla

    How much is Nokia N95 8GB, made in Finland?

  • aina

    i buy a nokia 6300 it was made by nokia. my question is what is the difference between made by
    nokia and made in finland???

  • china go hell

    Why does china has to put its nose in everything??? now I’m so pissed to find out that my cell phone is made by CHINA!!!

    ***k Nokia, if the costumers pay the same price, then why have different qualities???

  • LMbG

    tRUST Me Dont buy ” made by nokia’s coz the finishing,performance and display quality are sucks , i have lot of experiences in nokia’s . just buy Finland, Germany, or Hungary, makes those are good in condition

  • //Alex

    I have a couple of nokias, N95 – made in Finland, 5500 – Germany, 2630 – Made by Nokia (China). I would say the european made work a bit better, as they seem to make no problems at all. The other one acts some times strange, but overall I can’t say I’m disapointed as it was cheaper so I don’t expect much of it.

  • asian girl who hate china products

    damn u guys right.. I been tricked by nokia for years! I always thought just because it has stamp “made in nokia” its gonna work great. Now after read this article, it does explain why my e63 acted so weird. Yea its cheaper but its more fragile. I got the lesson. Thanx guys

  • corey phillips

    Does anyone know about the nokia n98 and where I can get one

  • Indra Kusuma

    Are you sure that made by findland is better than made by nokia.In my country (Indonesia), all “original” nokia phone is label with made by nokia (but the accessories & the manual book printed in china),so what’s your opinion bout this?

  • AmyM

    I agree that ‘made by nokia’ phones are a waste of money although its a bit cheaper. I had experience with this thing before. I bought ‘made in finland’ nokia phone for myself and 3 months after I bought same phone model ‘made by nokia’ for my boyfriend and u guess what happen?? After just one month of usage my bf’s phone got funny… It started to have problem with signal frequency.. then it cant do video call.. etc… etc… many problems… Im not going to do same mistake again so im waiting for ‘made in finland’ N97 patiently..

  • paSAwaY

    hi! Indra Kasuma,for me there is no product made by findland,but finland.We were talking about the product of nokia and finland,i think the better one is nokia,because my iphone made from finland can’t function well,there’s so many malfunction in that product!!!!!!!

  • Boycott made in China

    People, I have used so many Nokia models since the dawn of Digital mobile phone. All my Made in US or Finland function great! never have a problems. On the other hand, the one 8890 made in Korea was a piece of Sh*t. The phone freeze like a computer. The screen went out in month. Returned it, got a new one made in Korea. Again after a month, the screen went out. I got real mad. I open the phone and fix it myself. Since then I NEVER NEVER NEVER buy anything made in Asia,except Japan. Now all my phones are made in Finland. FYI, all nokia E90 are only made in Finland, if you get made in anywhere else, get a lawer to sue the seller.

  • Halan

    How ever i think Made by Nokia is Greater than Others..Coz That good 4 hard use..also for More Lyftym..I think Made By Nokia Best Than Others..I got Nokia N73 M/e Before 3 Years Thats Made by Nokia..No any Problems Has Found..Also i got Nokia 6500 Slide Thats Also MAde by Nokia….No any Problems….

  • Kirk

    Well Made by Nokia means it is made in some cheap low waged labour country like China, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia.

    Made in Finland, Hungary, Germany is the original phones which are sold to the Western European and Middle East Countries!

    My Opinion would definately be the Made in Finland one since it is more rigid and lasts you for ten to fifteen years!

  • anson

    I bought a China made N96 (black) it was working okey for the first 3 months, then it started having problems. I had to sent my mobile 4 time to service to change the slide mechanism. Again each time the slide mechanism wont last more than a month. Then i saw one of my friend, he was having a Finland made N96 and he never had any problem with slide and it looks solid. Even if u look at it together you can see the difference in quality. China make sucks. Waste of money

  • Ijas97

    Wt Is Different By Made By Nokia And Made In Finland. Wt Is Best??? Made By Nokia Is China ??? Plz Tell

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