Japanese 5005x X-ray phone can see through clothing

Forget about the iPhone, Nokia N95, Sony Ericsson W960… forget them all. This is the real deal! The oddly-named 5005x X-ray phone from Japan claims to see through layers of clothing, and even allows you to adjust the x-ray levels. Wow!

Japanese 5005x X-ray phone

Before you ask “where can I buy one”, I must add that it’s only a concept, or a scam, or yet another unfulfilled dream. Return to your device of choice, I’m going to jump now! :)

[Via: MobileMentalism]

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    this technology already exists. NIR filter or near infra red filters combined with night vision camera can produce these results. It is well known in photography. The same thing can be achieved with a webcam.

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    These phones can be detected with a app on an iPhone using the standard camera. This phone gives off a bright red light when seen through the iPhone’s camera.

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