Users report iPhone activation problems; AT&T promises to fix them!

iPhone activationHope you’re not one of the iPhone owners that reported an activation problem. Apparently, many people have complained of having a problem activating their brand new iPhones. According to AT&T, their servers just couldn’t handle the volume of activation requests. Talk about being ready…

Anyway, people are angry and now AT&T is there to suck up, as (not) surprisingly, no one seems to blame Apple for this. I find both parties partially guilty — at least Apple should be responsible for selecting AT&T over other carriers (not that I have anything against AT&T).

Anyway, the carrier’s spokesman Michael Coe said that they are working to solve the problem on an individual basis with customers who were impacted. Hopefully, this will be resolved quickly and you’ll be using your beloved iPhone as you always wanted. 🙂

[Via: AP]

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