Toshiba G900 gets patch to fix the “standby of death” bug

Toshiba G900 patchWhy won’t our brand-new G900’s come out of stand-by? That was the question asked by many new Toshiba G900 owners last week. New G900 users, eager to start playing with their slick new devices, were riddled with “standby of death” problems. It was like Toshiba’s first-batch of G900 Windows Mobile 6.0 smartphone just loved to sleep – the units would repeatedly refuse to come out of standby.

Toshiba has answered the call of the disgruntled masses with a new software patch that should bring the Toshiba G900 out of standby without issue. The patch can be easily downloaded and applied. However, a hard reset will require you to re-apply the patch to keep your G900’s heavy-eyelids open.

Download the patch here.

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