Nokia 6500 Classic passes the FCC hurdle

Slick and stylish Nokia 6500 Classic has been approved by the FCC, and is ready to be sold on the U.S. market. Unfortunately, not many carriers actually supports the built-in GSM radio, though this one may end up on AT&T. Or, there are always Nokia Flagship Stores or Dell marketplace, where you’ll be able to get one of these.

Nokia 6500 Classic

As you can see from the (quite ugly) image above, the 6500 Classic is a fingerprint magnet — but have no doubt about it, this baby is one of the most beautiful phones Nokia ever made. Now, let’s wait for the more rugged and 3.2 MP camera equipped 6500 Slide to follow the path of its “classic brother.”


  • John Mc

    oh man I just want it already! With bronze colour thanks you

  • Bash

    Poor phone even the slide version, I dont know Y nokia is still making J2me stuff?

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