Nokia Prism Collection: The 7900 and 7500 are official

Whether you fancy triangles or not you have to admit that these two devices are very unique. I have to give props to Nokia’s Public Relations team for the Prism Collection website where you can find almost 200 MB’s worth of content about these 2 devices. I’m downloading everything right now and will update this post if I find anything awesome to share.

Enough about that, what about the devices?


The Nokia 7500 Prism is a triband phone (900/1800/1900) with Series 40 5th edition according to Forum Nokia and 3rd Edition according to Prism Collection; I would trust Forum Nokia’s statement. Dimensions are 109 mm x 44 mm x 14 mm with a weight of 82.9 grams. It has a 320 x 240 display with 16 million colors and a 700 mAh battery. You get a 2 megapixel camera inside with flash along with a 512 MB microSD card. Yahoo Go! and Opera Mini come preinstalled and you will be able to pick this baby up for 210 Euros in the 3rd quarter of 2007.


The 7900 Prism is the more advanced model. It is a quadband phone and has WCDMA on 850 MHz and 2100 MHz. It isn’t on Forum Nokia yet and the fact sheet over at Prism Collection says it runs Series 40 3rd Edition, but I’m going to confidently say that it will run 5th Edition. It is a littler taller and wider than its younger brother, but it is thinner coming in at 112 mm x 45 mm x 11.3 mm with a weight of 101 grams. The 2 inch screen is powered by OLED technology and has an LED backlight with a resolution of 320 x 240 showing 16 million colors. You can choose from up to 49 colors for the light effects, yep this is definitely a fashion phone. The device itself is made out of laser etched metal with an aluminum back. It has microUSB which handles the charging, data transfer and audio output. You get 1 GB of memory on board, non expandable, along with a 2 megapixel camera with flash. The battery is larger compared to the 7500, 850 mAh. The fact sheet also mentions something about “living wallpaper,” which basically means it probably has this nice Flash Lite background; something Sony Ericsson has been doing on their Walkman line for a long long time. It will cost 400 Euros and come out 3rd quarter of 2007.

What do I think about these devices? To be honest the only reason I use Nokia’s more advanced S60 operating system is multitasking; I could care less that it runs Symbian. Series 40 can only handle one application running at a time. Why do I bring this up? Sony Ericsson’s devices support multitasking and most of them can handle up to 8 Java applications running simultaneously. Now I’ve never used a Sony Ericsson device so I can’t vouch for their operating system, but I am contemplating buying a W880i just so I can see why people are so in love with the company.

Software aside, I think I’m the only guy on the internet who loves the design of these 2 products. What do you guys think?

  • Varun

    I dont see a future market for S40 phones are the Symbian phones are getting cheaper.

    My 1st phone was a 6230i and hate it. Next for 6630 and loved it. Rite now on a E61i.

  • Viipottaja

    I like the design on these! Sort of a funky mix of Tron and the 80s… The video on the 7900 has a nice 80s/early 90s feel to it.. lol..

  • andydigitale

    I like the design of the 2 devices, really funky!

    About the SE W880i: I was thinking along the same lines.

    I got into Nokia phones because of extremely bad experiences with SE phones, specifically the K750i which was a bug ridden device. I always thought SE mobiles looked really cool, but the usability left a lot to be desired to.

    Nokia always had that very intuitive interface and the handsets just were made really well; the design seemed somewhat boring. I only learned to love and appreciate Nokia handsets when I got into S60, kinda by accident.

    Now that my E61 is getting a bit long in the tooth and everything is shifting towards mobile web, I find myself not needing that many apps anymore; and all the important ones (except for the Jaiku app) do exist as Java versions.

    Besides, my E61 cannot have that many apps open at the same time without running out of memory and to be frank S60 could be snappier.

    So, it’s either an S40 phone or I give SE another chance as my second phone. The W880i is a prime candidate here and I could pick it up for 10 bucks/month with my carrier…

  • Al

    OLED is nice, but there’s the micro USB?

    It seems all the 2007 S40 phones take one step forward and one step back at the same time.

    There’s one phone that uses the BP-5M battery, but still has a pop-port.

    Another has micro USB, but a BL-4B battery.

  • Aejaz

    I want know about Nokia 7500 & 7900 r of which series?
    It’s look is very good.And Almost all the features & specifications r also very good.

  • timun

    i bought the 7500..not as nice as in d pictures but still ok..nice keypad n easy 2 use despite the triangle shape…

  • Crazyalaa

    😈 😆 i bought nokia 7500 nice luxury phone

    better than 6233 and other nokia 7900 is 1 of the most

    stupid design nokia ever made

  • s’pore

    Oh… no….I just bought from nokia shop yesterday… now I saw there is another 7900… oh no.. I’m so regret now… now I like 7900 more…. 😥 😥

  • kelly

    any quotes on an aussie price and release date?

  • Ron

    I’ve been using the 7900 for 2 years now and I still love it! The newest Prism series (7900 Crystal) is a bit feminine for me.

  • tester

    the upcoming nokia 7930 prism will be launched soon, Q3 2009. i’ve tested the prototype version from private source, and feels really good. the features are much more superior than any other prism models. my prototype has a 5.0mp cam with dual led flash, 2.4 inch OLED screen, accelerometer, 2gb internal memory, support max 8gb microsd/microsdhc, and the stereo loudspeakers are really a great thing, comparable with n-series models. and another thing is that the phone is only 12mm thick, and very lightweight, but sorry i forget about the actual weight.

  • Taimo

    I’ve been using 7500 for two years, but managed to break it last week. I would like to get a new one, but the product seems to be discontinued. Will there be follow up for prism phones, especially for 7500?

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