Palm Foleo specs revealed

It seems that my plan to have the Palm Foleo as a blogging platform will end up as a failure. And not only because I need tabbed browsing so badly, but also because the first glimpse of Foleo’s specs doesn’t sound promising.

Palm Foleo specs revealed

First, the “mobile companion” will run on top of the 416 MHz Intel/Marvell PXA27x processor and will have the separate Marathon 2700G graphics card. While the latter does sound sweet, 416 Mhz processor seem kinda slow. Then again, it’s Linux and if its uber-optimized it could run smoothly.

In terms of available RAM, we know that Foleo will have 256MB of non-volatile flash memory, and 128MB of RAM for general application use. 128MB is certainly not bad for a smartphone, but for a “mobile companion” – I’m not that sure. Storage space expansion will be possible with CompactFlash and/or SD cards, plus the USB port will be able to handle not just the mouse, but also the external hard drive, which is a good thing!

Final word — just like with the iPhone, I’m going to wait for the second generation…

[Via: Boy Genius Report]

  • Mark Murphy

    Note that those specs are similar to the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, except the Foleo has the keyboard and USB host port (for mouse, external drive, etc.). It still seems a bit pricey, though.

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    They actually aren’t similar at all. The Nokia N800 has the same processor as the N95, the TI OMAP 2420; 333 MHz.

  • Leon

    I haven’t anticipated something since my love affair with the HP-48g and later the TI-89. ‘Comparisons’ of various devices reveal a weakness of the intellect, when you think about it, every computer represents — what? — 200 million man-hours of engineering and an enormous history. And here we are giving ‘ratings’ to these devices, which are all far too technologically powerful and complicated for us to grasp, rather than thinking through their possibilities. How you treat technology is up to you — you can either live in the ignorance of obsessing over the color of the case, or you can allow certain things to get under your skin — how this sophisticated and readily retreivable memory system, always available, readily restructurable, moleskine on steroids, can change the way one behaves. Me, I plan on using the terminal and maybe emacs or something

  • Michlt

    I’m confused by your comment about tabbed browsing. Palm has announced that the loaded browser will be Opera. Opera was the first browser to come out with tabbed browsing – before Firefox, IE, or Safari. So why do you think there will be no tabs on the Foleo? The linux version of Opera has had tabs for many years now.

  • dusanb

    I agree – Opera on desktops has tabbed browsing. But there were not a word about tabbed browsing in Foleo’s announcement. Also, Nokia N800 also comes with Opera and lacks tabbed browsing.

  • joelee

    Tab browsing would require A LOT of ram to keep other pages in their respective tabs! You would not keep too many tabs open tho probably 4-5. This is doable for sure, they better have it.

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