Sprint: Yes we raised our SMS text message rates, No you can’t cancel your contract without an ETF

Sprint logo announces sms text message price increase without ETF waiverMoney doesn’t grow on trees. But if you’re a wireless carrier, it might grow on SMS text messages. At least it seems that way for Sprint. The third largest wireless carrier has announced that it will be bumping up the price of each SMS text message sent without a text messaging plan. It looks like the $0.15 per-message fee will be hiked up to a $0.20 per-message fee. That’s one way to help out your struggling bottom line.

We actually welcome these kinds of text messaging price-hikes from carriers because they usually give the consumer the legal grounds to terminate their contract without having to pay an Early Termination Fee (ETF). However, Sprint has announced that they will not be letting customers waive the ETF – apparently, only “material” changes give the customer the leverage to cancel their contract without an ETF, and the changes to the SMS text message fee don’t qualify.

So, what does this mean for Sprint customers? They will be giving Sprint more money through increased per-message fees or by signing up for a messaging plan – one way or another, they’ll be reaping the benefits of the SMS-text-message-money-tree.

[Via: MocoNews]

  • Isabellla & Paulo

    👿 We are so mad with sprint pcs at this point that I can say that IF I could physically find that one person responsible, in charge, directly or not for this company, this person would be in trouble and the frustration of being with your hands tied unimaginable. They make the laws, no net is big enough to grab sharks that big.

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