Could Nokia be behind the anonymous order for 8 million iPhone touchscreens from Balda?

Blada wins contract for 6-8 million iPhone touchscreens from Nokia?We’re just throwing it out there, but we’re thinking that the Apple iPhone UI copy from Nokia and this 8 million unit order for Balda-sourced touchscreens could be related. Cellular News is reporting that Germany’s Balda has won a contract to provide 6-8 million touchscreens for an unnamed “leading mobile phone manufacturer.” Balda is the supplier for the iPhone’s touchscreens.

If Nokia is serious about replicating the same user experience that the iPhone UI has championed, it would make sense that they would source the same touchscreens that are used on the Apple iPhone itself.

Production should start in April 2008 in Xiamen, China.

We’ll keep you update on these happenings. We’re rooting for Nokia to bring an iPhone-like handset to market next year. Maybe alongside the Apple iPhone v2.0? We’ll see, we’ll see.

[Via: Cellular News]

  • NET9

    It could be a number of things…upgrade to the Internet Tablet line, the first real crumbs from the Google Phone cake, etc.

    Whatever the reason, I’m excited about what’s around the corner with touchscreen devices starting to be taken more seriously in the mobile industry.

    • Ethan Campbell

      9 years later: Pixel!

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    could be Sony Ericsson, could be anyone really

  • Michael

    It’s Nokkia.

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