Steve Jobs is the George Pullman of the 21st century

shutup.jpgLittle history lesson for all you boys and girls who were probably too busy flirting with each other in 7th grade history class. George Pullman owned a massive factory that made railroad cars. Times were rough so he made a town for his employees and built stores, schools, etc. Nice guy right? Wrong, he rigged the prices so that living in a “Pullman Town” meant you would be in a constant state of debt. Your salary couldn’t support your already broke ass lifestyle.

Here comes the iPhone price cut yesterday, $200 off after only 2 months. People bitched and bitched and bitched some more, when in reality the people to blame were none other than themselves. Taking advantage of an overly hyped product by raising the prices for the initial launch? You don’t say? This shit has been pulled off by many other companies many times before and it is a fact of our consumer electronic lifestyle. Why do you think people always say wait a little bit after launch for the price to drop? You think they’re making this shit up?

Steve wants to appease all you drooling derelicts and give you $100 to spend at his store. The same store that sells products with ridiculous amounts of markup. Steve giving you $100 is really more like Steve giving you $50, factor in taxes and it is more like $35. A great PR stunt, but a laughable attempt to get people to shut up.

My message to all you whiners, shut your face. If you loved your Jesus Phone as much as you say you do then you don’t mind the $200 markup you paid for those 2 months of orgasmic finger flicking photo changing, blurry 2 megapixel photo taking and slow ass EDGE web browsing on top of a beautiful UI.

It only cost you the price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks with a name that takes 2 minutes to pronounce, everyday, for 60 days.

  • Meatloaf

    Stefan, I totally agree with you. Well said!

  • Bazza

    hoorah! 😈

  • pseudofinn

    Great observations, and well stated.

    “Shut your face” just about made me laugh my ass out of my chair.

  • Vaibhav Sharma

    Way to go! 😆

  • LTM

    I used to like and respect you Stefan, but since you went all Nokia-drone and moved to Finland, you’ve turned into a bitter, sick-a-fantic, fanboy who bashes anything not Nokia.

    If Nokia is so great then why do spend so much time bashing the competition?

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    Then I must be crazy, because I also own a Sony Ericsson W880i.

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