TelePark buys Sanyo’s mobile phone sales division

Sanyo sells mobile phones sales division to TelePark

Wow, it really looks like Sanyo is offloading all of it’s mobile phone divisions. The latest mobile phone arm to take new ownership is Sanyo’s mobile phone sales division. TelePark Corp. has ponied up 4.8 billion yen ($41.6 million) to Sanyo for the mobile phone manufacturer’s sales department.

We should make it clear that TelePark has not acquired Sanyo’s mobile phone division – that would go to Kyocera. However, this deal just confirms that Sanyo wants out of the mobile phone business and that Sanyo will most likely be offloading their mobile phone infrastructure to Kyocera – making them a true global player.

We’ll keep an eye on this space for you guys. We’re excited to see what Kyocera brings us in the next few development cycles.

[ Via: Wall Street Journal]

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