T-Mobile acquires Orange NL

The Dutch mobile operator market is slimming down again — some time ago we had KPN acquiring Telfort — and now, with the acquisition of Orange by T-Mobile, people in Netherlands have only 3 networks to choose from.

T-Mobile acquires Orange NLApparently, Orange NL has been on the shelf of the Orange group for some time already as the operator that entered the market under the name of Dutchtone, never made any profits.

As for the numbers, Germans will pay hefty 1.3 billion EUR to the French carrier and will also kill the brand, as well as jobs across the country. At the moment, Orange holds 12% of the market and has a total of 2 million subscribers. By adding Orange’s piece to its existing share of 15%, T-Mobile will control almost the third (27%) of the overall mobile phone market in Netherlands, and will have a total of 4.6 million subscribers…

[Via: MobileGamesBlogs]

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