Apple iPhone v1.1.1 jailbreak gets real with third-party apps

Apple iPhone Jailbreak on v1.1.1 update firmwareIt feels like just this morning that the iPhone Dev Team announced that they had made some preliminary breakthrough’s in the the iPhone v1.1.1 jailbreak method. Wait, it was just this morning!  Those guys sure work fast, it was only hours ago that the iPhone Dev Team hacked their way into the iPhone’s v1.1.1 file-system. At this point the iPhone v1.1.1 firmware is jailbroken, with third-party applications ported and working. The SpringBoard can only hold 15 application icons total, but at least the apps are installed and working.

We’re hoping to have a working solution released to the public sometime soon. With the ability to run third-party applications, the iPhone v1.1.1 firmware and the WiFi iTunes Music Store is starting to look a bit more attractive. And it’d be nice to get a speaker volume boost too.

But, the next iPhone update (v1.1.2?) will most definitely kill the current jailbreak method. And that’s a good thing – here’s why. With third-party applications working on the v1.1.1 firmware, Apple had better step up its game and offer some seriously appealing new features with the next update. We’re damn sure not making the jump to v1.1.2 for anything less than video capture, MMS, or iChat.

Kudos, iPhone Dev Team! We’re all grateful for the incredible work. Way to keep Apple on their toes.

[Via: TUAW]

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