Google Docs goes mobile

Google Docs goes mobileI guess we’ve kinda expected this to happen. Now you’ll be able to check your documents from Google Docs while on-the-go. According to Google Docs’ official blog, only users with iPhones, BlackBerrys or Windows Mobile based devices will be able to access the Google Docs mobile version — I wonder why they don’t mention Nokia’s and Sony Ericsson’s smartphones which have quite capable web browsers (S60 Browser and Opera, respectively).

Anyway, the Google Docs mobile can be accessed from and presently it only allows you to view documents. In addition, it’s an English only at the moment, but knowing Google, support for other languages is coming sooner rather than later…

  • anonymous

    They don’t mention Nokia support because the site does not work with Nokia’s s60 full browser. You can view documents, but editing does not work at all. I tried this with the WAP browser and the full HTML browser on my N75 this morning, and no dice.

  • Jay

    Just wanted to let you know that Google Docs works (as is, in R/O) mode, on my Plam Treo 755p on Sprint’s EVDO mode. Also, it actually rendered great on the Treo in optimized and optimized modes. On A Win Mobile 6 HTC Sprint phone, it looked worse in Pocket iE.
    thanks !

  • Jay

    Imeant that it rendered nicely in both Optimized and Blazers LWide pAge Mode.’

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