Pantech A1407PT – bone conduction in a mobile phone

Pantech A1407PT with bone conduction technology

We’ve all heard of (pun?) the bone conduction technology in the awesomely awesome Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth headset, heck we’ve even got an in-house model. But, when you start to think about it, it just makes sense for the background-noise-eliminating technology to hit mobile phones.

Pantech has done just that. The Pantech A1407PT has just been unveiled as the first ever handset utilizing bone conduction technology to cut down on ambient noise. But, you’d think that a mobile phone with bone conduction technology would be choke-full (or at least slightly full) of other nifty features, but you’d be wrong. The Pantech A1407PT Bone Conducting clamshell phone features a 2.4-inch QVGA internal display, 96 x 64 external display, 1.3 megapixel camera, 20MB of internal memory, and microSD slot. KDDI in Japan will be getting top-billing as the carrier for the Pantech A1407PT.

We hope the launch goes well enough for this trick tech to make it Stateside. If Bluetooth headsets can cut down ambient noise transmission, why can’t headsets? It’d be nice to see a high-end smartphone with some bone-conduction technology.

[Via: Just Another Mobile Phone Blog]

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