rotateMe 2.0 demoed on Nokia N95; Adds iPhone-like auto rotation function to the N95

Jan van Iperen from Nokia N95 Blog had a chance to play with the new version of rotateMe (2.0), and he prepared a short video demonstrating us how Nokia N95 can auto-rotate just like the iPhone. As you’re about to see, this is quite useful feature especially when you’re browsing through your gallery or when using some location-based service. Enjoy the short demo!

[Via: AllAboutSymbian]

  • Thomson

    Real cool applicaton 😎

  • Reptile


    If I ever get bored, I’ll just keep rotating it over and over 🙂

    So, in the vid, he shows us that there’s two options (Landscape and Portrait). How did he do it so that it automatically detects the orientation of the the phone’s tilt?

  • jo


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