Details on Google “Dream” Phone – could it be the HTC Omni?

Ahh, the Google Phone (GPhone, if you will). It’s been the stuff of our dreams for quite some time, and with Google’s recent announcement that their entry into the mobile space is a mobile platform, dubbed Android, it looks like the GPhone is going to stay in our dreams.

Google Dream Phone gphone could be HTC Omni

But wait, according to Forbes, Google had five prototype Google “Dream” Phones built to show-off the Android platform to potential Open Handset Alliance members. The Google “Dream” was apparently built by HTC and is described as

“thin, about 3 inches wide and 5 inches long, and features a touch-sensitive, rectangular screen. Unlike the iPhone, the screen is also time-sensitive: Hold down your finger longer, and the area you’re controlling expands. The bottom end of the handset, near the navigational controls, is slightly beveled so it nestles in the palm. The screen also swivels to one side, revealing a full keyboard beneath.”

And, HTC’s Chief Executive Peter Chou says a commercial version of the “Dream” prototype could be available as early as 2H 2008.

All these clues about the Google “Dream” Phone seem to indicate that the Dream could be the HTC Omni that we’ve been keeping our eye on. The specs seem to match quite nicely with the HTC Omni – the 3″ by 5″ size and the mention of a swivel-screen with a full keyboard underneath are a spot-on match for the HTC Omni. And the 2H 2008 availability is another juicy piece of the puzzle that we can’t wait to fit into the bigger picture.

Google Dream, HTC Omni, Google Omni, HTC Dream. Whatever this thing might be called in the future, we’re going to cross our fingers for a sooner-than-later release.

Forbes – Google Dream Phone
Unwired View – HTC Omni as Google Dream

  • eileen

    🙁 beening one not to spill the gravy from all these makers trains, but could someone in the know and clout please ask them. To produce a “near as can do it all simple to understand no jargoned” phone,palm, smartphone, and the ones after that etc. I’m not thick on the subject and capable of sort of keeping up to date however I do know clearly what I want to use the thing for. But like computers etc its hard to get good solid advice when most knowledgeable often only know bits or to be fair large bits with holes in insight into the ongoing of of these makers next thing out gadget. For my joe blogg brain to figure out and decide. Finally its a long contract or a lot of money spend if I get it wrong.

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