Lebanon gets its WiMAX on

Comium Data Lebanon to deploy WiMAX in LebanonWhile the US’s WiMAX future is still being hashed out by the likes of Sprint and Clearwire, our friends in Lebanon have already nailed-down their plans for getting a WiMAX network deployed in 2008. Redline Communications has announced that its RedMAX WiMAX solution has been tapped by Lebanon’s Comium Data Lebanon to be used in its country-wide WiMAX infrastructure deployment.

Comium’s current wireless broadband solution is limited to line-of-sight technologies, but with Redline Communications’ RedMAX solutions, Comium will be able to complete their WiMAX network build-out by mid-2008.

“Redline’s WiMAX technology enables us to deliver high-bandwidth services to a higher number of subscribers than with other solutions we considered, with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week fault-proof availability,” says Khaldoun Farhat, VP, Comium Data Lebanon. The RedMAX network will comprise of Redline base stations that will bring users in Beirut, Mount Lebanon, Tripoli, Keserwan and Nabatiye online at distances of 17km and at speeds of 2Mbps per connection.

Hey, if Lebanon can do it, so can the US. Right? Well, at least we hope the US can do it. As far as getting it done by 2008 – we’ll just have to wait and see. Oh, and there’s going to be some finger-crossing involved. Hey Sprint. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Get your WiMAX plans in order! We’re all ready to pay you for it.

[Via: Cellular News]

  • Maciek

    If US will launch WiMax it probably will be on some f…king proprietary frequency incompatible with the rest of the devices in the world… Such is life in the US of A land…being different is not always good

  • Rita Khoury

    “Hey, if Lebanon can do it, so can the US”
    Is it just me or do you seem to be insinuating that lebanon is the latest country on earth in terms of technology??? Heh :p we may be not that advanced in terms of 3G and stuff, but a lebanese person is probably the only one to take a loan just to buy a new phone, a new tv or any type of new tech gear. Yup we luuuuuuv looking cool and modern!

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