Google getting serious about 700Mhz wireless network plans

Google still a player for 70Mhz auctionWe already knew Google was looking to take a shot at winning a bid for the 700Mhz spectrum that’s slated to be auctioned by the FCC in a couple months. Now it looks like Google is as serious about launching their own wireless network than ever before. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google feels that they are obligated to bid on the 700Mhz frequency spectrum after successfully lobbying to get the “open-access” rules passed by the FCC. The search-giant is already testing a small-scale wireless network at its Mountain View, CA-headquarters, using the 700Mhz frequency band to help develop its prototype fleet of Android-powered mobile phones.

Google’s got more than enough cash on hand to cover the initial $4.6 billion bid-price, and is reportedly ready to pay more out of its own pockets or take out loans to cover a winning bid. With Google’s recent entry into the mobile space, it seems that they are committed to making sure that their Android-based handsets will make it into as many consumer hands as possible – winning the 700Mhz spectrum would give Google the leverage to really push the Android platform.

We’ll have to wait a couple more months to see what Google does, but it seems more likely than ever that we’ll be seeing a Google Wireless in our future.

[Via: Electronista]

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