Video: Nokia N95 USA review (Verdict: Huge improvement)

The N95-3, formal name for the USA N95, has been out for a while now, but this is the best video I’ve seen talking about what has changed compared to the original European model that people in the states have been importing. In one sentence: better battery life, more RAM, faster GPS, 3G on American frequencies. Check out Phone Scoop’s video review:

  • David

    Not that reliable review if you ask me.

    Notice when he’s surfing the net on the “3G”-network? Am I the only one seeing a connected wlan and no active data account?
    First of all, you should be able to see the “3G”-icon, it’s not even there.

  • Tariq

    Haha yeah I was going to point that out too…He was surfing over WiFi. He didn’t even have 3G coverage (he was connected through GSM)

  • greenteeth

    rofl…I just watched it and immediately noticed the same thing. BAM…look at how fast the mobile version of google loads via wifi…lol

  • reptile18

    Verrryy helpful.

    Too bad Tigerdirect isn’t selling them for $599.99 anymore 🙁

  • goofytek

    Yea I own the first gen N95, and that is a WiFi Icon when he starts browsing on the web, Man, they could at least said they didnt have 3G to show off, Cuz my N95-1 already can do WiFi that fast hahah.

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