Nokia Sports Tracker goes Web 2.0

Nokia Sports Tracker goes Web 2.0Remember Nokia Sports Tracker? Well, the Finish giant decided to improve it… significantly! The new version — still in beta — adds a Web 2.0 kind of service on top of the application component. Basically, now you’ll be able to log your workouts online, analyze them (speed, distance, etc), and compare the data with other users from around the world. In addition, Nokia Sports Tracker service allows users to upload and share their geotagged photos of their activities. Finally, let’s not forget the pricing information — it’s free! Check out the new Nokia Sports Tracker website from here.

Or in the meantime you may want to watch the presentation by Jussi Kaasinen, one of the main guys from the Sports Tracker team. Enjoy!

[Via: Eseries]

  • skr

    Thanks for the vid, nice find. There is even pedometer now. I just forgot to turn it on today 😳

  • Chris P

    Brilliant, duley added – now I can impress the ladies with my marathon training;):p

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