Apple’s iPhone SDK will require applications to have digital signatures

iPhone SDK to require digital signaturesThe Apple iPhone SDK is likely coming early next year, that much we know. And, as Apple’s Vice President of Hardware Product Marketing, Greg Joswiak pointed out in an interview with Fortune, Steve Jobs is planning to require any third-party iPhone applications to use a digital signature – much like Nokia requires for any third-party applications designed for their phones. That way, if some eager-but-novice iPhone developer releases some wonky software, we’ll be able to track down exactly what’s causing the problem – the same applies to malicious applications.

And, in classic pompous-Apple style, Joswiak pointed out that Apple is staying ahead of their competitors, and that they “tend to put the cross hairs on where we are now, and by the time they come up with a product that tries to match where we are now, we’re beyond them. We’re one or two generations beyond, moving faster than they are.” Thanks for the tip. We already love and use your products, there’s no need to get all uppity about it – but, then again, Apple’s elitist attitude has been working pretty damn well so far.

Just release the iPhone SDK already and stop talking it up, will ya?

[Via: MacRumors]

  • Steve Litchfield

    I wish they’d stop it with all this ‘generations ahead of the competition’ stuff. Yes, Apple’s UI is insanely great, but there are plenty of areas in which they’re a generation BEHIND the competition. Can’t they just live and let live – no product, even the iPhone, is perfect.

  • newtype2011

    Not to start a flame war, but Apple:

    -Allow your phones to shoot video

    -Give us an AF camera

    -Don’t recess the headphone jack on purpose

    -Sell the phone unlocked

    -Give us a 3G solution

    -Allow us to send picture messages

    -Don’t over-regulate what content can go on the device without hacks

    …and then come talk to us about being ahead of the curve. I will continue to use and enjoy my N95 –

  • James @ Nokia Creative

    Well . . . it’s not really a pompous or even an elitist attitude. It’s just a statement of fact from Joswiak point of view, you can hardly blame the poor bloke for that – I mean, he has pulled off some pretty spectacular stuff in the last few years.

    How would it come across if the Vice President of Hardware Product Marketing for Apple said “well, we have a pretty good OS which is probably about a year ahead of the competition, and a below average camera and data connection”!!?

    He wouldn’t be head of marketing for very long now would he?

  • Will Park

    Haha, you make a good point, James. I agree, and like I said, he’s been doing well by the company for some time now. And hey, I use Apple’s stuff and love it.

    Anyway, the fact that he’s the VP of marketing puts it into perspective – I didn’t really think about it that way until you mentioned it 😎

  • Varun

    Just release the iPhone SDK already and stop talking it up, will ya?

    Apple is known for its creation of buzz before anything is launched.

    Iphone has still not come to India.

    Is it worth getting a unlocked one ?

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