O2 iPhone having reception/signal problems in the UK

O2 having reception, signal strength problems with UK iPhoneNow, let’s start this one off with a little disclaimer – the US iPhone launch did not go as smoothly as it could have gone. Don’t get us wrong, the US iPhone launch was in incredible example of Apple’s logistical prowess, but AT&T seemed to have largely underestimated the stress that more than a hundred thousand eager-beaver iPhone customers would place on their network.

In addition O2’s own iPhone activation nightmare and dealing with less-than-stellar iPhone sales (to put it nicely), it looks like O2 is having problems keeping its UK iPhone fleet connected to their network. Reports are coming in that O2 iPhone users are having problems acquiring a good signal in the UK, or any signal for that matter – many users are reporting that their iPhones usually present a “No Service,” or an occassional single-bar of wireless reception, status.

One suggestion on Apple’s Support Forums recommended a full-restore of the iPhone’s firmware in an effort to solve the problem. That suggestion came from a US iPhone user, so your mileage may vary. Our gut (as well as Alexandar Wolfe‘s gut) tells us that the reception problems might have something to do with O2’s network, rather than being a defect in the iPhone itself. Furthermore, it seems that reception quality while indoors is especially poor – indicating that there might be a problem with O2’s 900Mhz frequency support for the iPhone (this is pure speculation, by the way).

It appears that Apple is replacing these iPhones on a case by case basis, rather than issuing a UK-wide recall or service bulletin. So, if you’ve been having problems with your new O2 iPhone’s wireless reception, take it into your nearest Apple or O2 Store and ask for a replacement (and give it a go with a full-restore before you ask for a replacement).

Oh, and we’d appreciate it if you could drop us a line and let us know how Apple and O2 resolved your problem.

Read more about this problem at Apple support.

[Via: InformationWeek]

  • shubha

    Same problem. I HATE the Iphone. What is the purpose of paying so much money if you can’t make / receive calls ? DO NOT BUY IT IF you are in the UK.

    • gary hill

      hi just read your post ,i ve just bought a iphone 3gs from tesco which use o2 for network coverage . having poor to none coverage indoors ,sent the phone back to tesco who are going to replace it with new unit . in the mean time bought a pay as you go 20.00 pound phone which works better than the iphone .that does not say alot for apple . i was going to buy a mac computer this year ….. i think ill put that on hold ! come on apple !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul Totten

    I am having this probldm with my new 3g

  • Barry smith

    I have had an iPhone 3gs for two months now and the reception in doors is awful. No signal in tesco (new oscot by sutton coldfield, none at the golf club in the bar (belfry, wishaw) and none in the pub at barton marina (burton on trent). I am on orange. Used to be on virgin mobile pay as you go on an old samsung d500 phone and got excellent signal in all these places. Inteestingly when I put my orange sim card from iPhone into my old samsung d500 I get excellent reception everywhere. Proves to me iPhone receiver aeirial or transmitter is very poor. Am locked into a 24 month contract on orange. Great phone for apps etc, v bad for reception.

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