Fluc seems like something Google wants

Fluc is a new service I’ve just spotted that allows both mobile phone users and mobile web site publishers to make money. If you have a mobile phone, you can sign-up to receive ads and coupons relevant to your location and your interests, while making money on the way.

FlucBut it’s not all in opting-in for ads, there’s also a mobile social network built inside Fluc, meaning you’ll be able hang out with your friend, colleagues and/or associates from anywhere around the world. On the other hand, publishers can also earn money by promoting Fluc to their mobile web and/or wap site visitors.

In addition to mobile phone owners and site publishers, Fluc is also pitching advertisers and agencies. Basically, the service works like an affiliate network giving both interested parties something to work with…

Fluc is everything but a novel idea, yet somehow it feels properly executed. I guess, we’ll see Google and other big boys going the same direction. Or perhaps we may see someone acquiring Fluc? Just a thought…

[Via: SMS Text News] Thanks Andy!

  • Tom

    This sounds like a flucing awesome idea!

    The best part I think is the website section and how any website can earn income in addition to Google Adsense.

    Hope these guys get big!

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