Engadget interviews HTC CEO, calls US operators too powerful


Newsflash: American operators are holding back the country in terms of wireless telecommunications. Not really news, we all know this, but this is the first time we’re hearing the CEO of a major mobile phone manufacturing company say it outright.

“US mobile operator behavior is very different. They are very powerful. [Chuckles] They are quite controlling. Sometimes there is a lot of reason for them to be so controlling, though. We can understand that because the US, for example, is very big, so you cannot build the same sales density like Europe or Asia. At the same time the US is also like maybe seven countries in Europe. The way the operate, the decisions from headquarters might not be relevant to the regional guy, so it’s like you are working with seven countries. Device certification is very strict because there is a lot of quality and reception problems, so US standards and requirements are very high. So over time we have come out with US-specific versions and designs in terms to meet with all sorts of US requirements. So that’s definitely painful.”

Read the rest of the interview where Peter Chou talks about Google’s Android, the future of the HTC brand, the 700 MHz spectrum auction and the future partnership with Windows Mobile.

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