Willcom shows off Android prototype – multi-tasking on Android is a go

Ever since Google blitzed the blogosphere with their Android and OHA announcements, we’ve been waiting on news of manufacturers tooling up their Android-based wares. It looks like Willcom, our favorite wacky-mobile-phone manufacturer in Japan have an Android-based reference board up and running. The image you see above is the Willcom reference board running Android on a FreeScale CPU.

Willcom shows off Android reference board running google maps and accepting a call - multitasking is a go

What’s interesting is that the image shows an incoming call while running Google Maps. Multitasking may not be as spectacular as we’ve come to expect from other OS’s but at least we have some pretty good evidence that Android will be able to do some multitasking.

[Via: Digital World Tokyo]

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    the question that comes up a lot and why i said it doesn’t multitask, is the fact that you can’t switch between applications at will. i’ll have to wait until devices are out to praise or poo poo Android, but for now it isn’t impressing me.

  • Will Park

    Exactly. Multi-tasking on Android may not be what multi-tasking is supposed to be, but the fact that Android can run at least two applications simultaneously is a good sign. But, I’ll definitely be getting myself an Android handset – if only to find out how crappy the OS turns out to be.

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