PlayStation emulator for iPhone is now public and free!

PlayStation emulator for iPhone is now public and free - psx4iPhoneThere’s no lack of third-party gaming applications for the iPhone as it is – we have NES games, card games, puzzle games, and so on – and now we have PlayStation games. As expected, the psx4iPhone application has just been released through, basically turning your iPhone into a PSP with touchscreen controls!

The developer, zodtt, had previously kept their iPhone PlayStation emulator private – only accessible through a paid-beta program. Well, now us lay-folk can have at it. Fire up your and find psx4iPhone. Install the emulator and you’re ready to start installing PlayStation ROM’s!

PlayStation emulator for iPhone is now public and free - psx4iPhoneInstall the SSH client that is freely available through and transfer (via SFTP – CyberDuck works great on Macs) your PS ROMs to the iPhone. Find your iPhone’s IP address by viewing the details of the WiFi connection (hit the little arrow to the right of the connection name). SFTP to your iPhone’s IP address and upload the ROM to the /var/root/Media/ROMs/PSX directory. That’s it, you’ll be up and running in no time.

We have a feeling that a good number of productive hours are going to be spent playing PlayStation games on our iPhone. Oh well.

Check the video below to see how psx4iPhone works.

[Via: ifoneguru]

  • taniya

    Nice screen shots…

  • Andrew

    What emulator is it based on?

    • Asia!

      I think the original Playstation

  • Chris P

    if this is on the iphone why not the N95 8Gb – after all it supposedly has an inbuilt graphics processor.

  • Andres

    I have an i-phone and i have the psx4all install on my i-phone but i dont have any game on it, how can i put games on it. Please help me

    • Roach

      diskaid look for it on google.

  • kalumbox

    Pretty funny to see some people able to jailbreak a device, put on third party software but…not even capable of shooting a decent focused video!

  • xeonic

    The sound quality is shit, and its slower then Molasis in winter. I know I know its free dont complain! even though its free I dont want it, too slow and glitchy. Maybe some day they will update it like they did the SNES emulator. It ran like shit also till the recent update.

  • Sohrab

    Fantastic! The main PS game Im interested in playing on my iPhone is ‘Tekken 3’ which is one of the best PS1 game ever.

  • Jnewand

    dude ima go for final fantasy 8 if i can ever get the damn emulator withought having to pay 3 bucks

  • Hewhoisaustin

    breath of fire 4 all the way

  • PS4Emulator

    Awesome! Check out the PS4 Emulator also out!

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