O2 CEO confirms rampant iPhone sales in UK – gives Jobs a nod for incredible data revenue

O2 iPhone sales doing wellTurns out that O2’s claims of the iPhone being the fastest selling device in the carrier’s history wasn’t all marketing-talk. O2’s head honcho recently paid his Jobs-ness a visit in Cupertino, California to presumably give each other their “high-fives” over how well the iPhone is doing in the UK. Despite reports of slow-sales, O2’s Matthew Key told Steve Jobs that O2 should move around 200,000 iPhones by the end of January (we should note that other reports indicate that iPhones have been selling very well).

More importantly (especially for O2), Key told Jobs that the iPhone has spurred incredibly high data-usage rates on the UK network. With 60% of iPhone users clocking more than 25MB of data per month, O2’s data revenue has gone through the roof (compared with 1.8% of O2’s general subscriber base using 25MB of data every month).

With data-revenue the key money-source from O2’s iPhone customers, it’s pretty much a lock that O2 will be picking up the 3G iPhone when it launches next year.

Good for you, O2. Way to meet your iPhone sales goal.

[Via: MocoNews]

  • Varun

    When is the iPhone coming to other markets like China,India and Japan ?

  • Kim

    O2 customers are offered a very generous £7.50 per month unlimited data tariff, so although data usage must have surged since the iPhone was introduced it remains to be seen how profitable that actually is.

  • Mark

    Will, Will, Will…

    First of all, Keys’ numbers are speculation since no hard data has been allowed (that’s right, allowed) to be issued by Apple or O2 on actual sales made. Secondly, your ‘other sources’ appear to be another article of similarly poor journalisitc quality where you make some rather odd Apple and Oranges comparisons. Thirdly, as has been mentioned, the data tariff is fixed at £7.50 per month so it matters not a jot how much traffic goes through it as no extra revenue will be generated.

    Maybe we should wait until we get actual sales figures before opening the champagne, eh?

  • John

    I agree with Mark, why report 40-50 post how or if or maybee iphone sale ., when the most “trusted” business magasines reports iphone NOT sale good in Europe.

    Like Mark say >Maybe we should wait until we get actual sales figures

  • John

    When they make poll wich manufactorer has the best handsets in United Kingdom the Iphone get less then 2%
    and Sony-Ericsson and Nokia in topp.

    The last months top selling contrackt handsets in UK and today are

    1 Nokia 6300
    2 Nokia N95
    3 Samsung
    4 SE
    5 Nokia etc
    6,7,8,9 Nokia6500slide ,10 6500classic,11 NokiaN81, 12
    ,13 Nokia5310Xpressmusic,14,15,16,17.18LGk970,19Nokia6288,
    20Sony-Ericsson k770i …….. the iphone have not today (27/12-07) after some months in market even get to top 20list 😥

  • Paul

    This article and it’s “incredible data revenue” headline is complete made-up rubbish. Neither the original FT article or Moconews claim anything of the sort. As has already been said, usage based revenue is non existant because the iPhone users are on flat-rate plans. The only reference to revenue is that the increased popularity of mobile web surfing gives O2 an opportunity to make money from mobile advertising.

  • Elvis

    I have a nokia 6500classic slim,wanna change but i don’ know with who…

  • ed w

    has this anything to do with 02’s data network failing all over the place, i run a service that has operatives with pda’s and they struggle to connect to the network and when they do data rates are generally atrocious . shame o2 didnt back this up with increased data capacity in the cells. o2 really are dire when it comes to data services.

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