Quote: Anssi Vanjoki invites Steve Jobs to give Nokia users iTunes


Anssi Vanjoki has a pair of testicles that twinkle in the night, oh so bright, that Santa always finds his way back home to Finland. In an open invitation to Steve Jobs, he asks that iTunes come to Ovi, because after all Ovi is Finnish for door and Nokia was not joking when they said it was open for everyone.

We all know Steve Jobs doesn’t care about this, at all, but it’s nice to see friendly banter between companies.

“In Finnish, Ovi means door. And our door is open. Of course, Apple can get into our portal. We even invite Steve Jobs to do so.”

[Via: CNN]

  • dusanb

    Actually I don’t hear a friendly banter here. Rather this sounds like cheap PR from Nokia. Apple is the biggest kid in the “music downloads” business and they’ve no reason to go through Nokia’s door. That could change in the future, but at the moment that’s the way things are…

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